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The Society inc. is a haberdashery-meets-hardware store specialising in global textiles, furniture, local artists' pieces, homewares and beautiful things collected along the way. The shop is housed in a beautiful 1860's corner terrace tucked away in a 'pocket' of Paddington.

The Society inc's Sibella Court and Murobond's colourist Rowena Judd have worked closely over the past 2 years to develop 11 beautifully themed colour palettes.

Murobond Coatings commitment to creating unique and technically superior paint with Sibella's ability to inspire with tips of the styling trade and love of refreshing colours are a perfect fit.

The palettes range from the inkiness of true indigo, the shimmer of Mother-of-Pearl with 'Nautilus' and 'Moonshadow', the deepest of red of a Damascus rose for 'Attar of Rose', to the intense blue that is reminiscent of tiles on mosques for 'Samarkand', to the greens in 'Tender is the Night' reflecting the old-fashionedness of gardens full of geraniums and nasturtiums and the background hum of cicadas.

These colours will excite, entice, evoke and inspire you!!!! The entire colour palette is now available directly and exclusively from Murobond and The Society inc. Sample pots are available to order on line.

For larger quantities of paint please contact

Check out Sibella's book Etcetera for more ideas on how to use this innovative and decorative paint range.

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